Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The continuing case of Crazy v Harry Potter

The Georgia woman who wants Harry Potter taken out of her kids' school library has lost her appeal. She's already gone through the entire appeals process for her local board of ed, and lost all along the way. But she's not giving up hope. Because, apparently, people want to "know where God is, and he's still there. They just can't find him," she said tearily.

Honestly, the crazies of the world need to learn that if there's a book they don't want to read, or a tv show or movie they don't want to watch, no one is forcing them to. They can just read some other book and leave every one else alone. I think most kids can sufficiently separate fiction from reality to realize that the broom in their kitchen can't fly and that they can't turn their pet guinea pig into a water goblet.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Some people lead such deprived lives

I know that I'm a sci-fi geek. And that I was raised by sci-fi geeks. (I think my dad was the person who single handedly kept Enterprise on the air) But I didn't realize there could be people who actually hadn't seen Star Wars. How is that even possible? But it does make for some entertaining reading.

Losing my Star Wars virginity

Thursday, May 24, 2007

On the campaign trail

As the 2008 presidential campaign begins to dominate more of our air time, let us not forget the local races that are also important. After all, it is the local races where voters can often make a bigger impact.

Vote Ham Sandwich

I don't know if I can support this candidate on religious grounds, but I appreciate what Ham is bringing to local Virginia politics.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The woes of finding bar review class

So bar review class started today. I had quite the time finding it. I knew where the university was (having lived in the city practically all of my life), but I didn't know which specific building to go to. So I asked the parking lot attendant in the gate house. He told me to go to the building "over there across the street." I said, "The one on the corner there?" He said, "No. Across the street." So I went to the building he told me to, which was the law school building. So things seemed okay. When I asked the person at the front desk where the auditorium was, he told me to go out of the building and to the left. Go half a block, and I would find it. Half a block from the door he told me go go out through was the middle of an intersection - clearly no auditorium there. Another half a block further was the student services building. Bookstore and coffee shop, but still no auditorium. If I made another left, I got to the administration building - financial aid office and the like. I decided to ask a third person where I was supposed to go. That person was finally able to point me to the correct building. And what building was it, you ask? Why it was "the one on the corner." Yes, the one I thought it was in the first place. Awesome.